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St. Patrick’s Day Drag King Show

We're thrilled to present Alexandro Rox, a Minneapolis-based dual-gendered Draglesque entertainer of color. Rox is an inspiring individual who has overcome significant obstacles in their life, including hearing impairment, cancer survival, and poverty.

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Finally A holiday for short people!

So what is a drag king? Traditionally, a drag king is an female performance artist who wears masculine drag and personifies male gender stereotypes....

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How Does Valentine’s Day Impact Queer Depression and Anxiety

For many queer people, Valentine's Day can be a trigger for depression and anxiety. Here's why, and what you can do to cope.

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Set Your Mind to it and don’t Give Up

You can do anything you set your mind to. There's no such thing as impossible, just things that are difficult or require more time and effort than others. We all have dreams and aspirations, but sometimes it's hard to get started or keep going when things aren't going according to plan. The key is having… Continue reading Set Your Mind to it and don’t Give Up